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Innovative ideas, constantly adjust the structure to cluster development to market orientation

Shenyang packaging materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, is the largest professional engaged in the development and production of VCI packaging materials of the national high-tech enterprises; the company with total assets of 480 million yuan, the total number of employees 520 people, credit grade AAA. In 2015 the company achieved sales revenue of 520 million yuan, for 9 consecutive years in sales revenue, market share, customer satisfaction and other aspects of the greater advantage in the same industry first. The company has six branches and production bases in Shenyang, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Ningbo, with an annual output of nearly 40 thousand tons of various kinds of rustproof packing materials. The company's products mainly include: gas phase rust proof paper, rust preventive film, antirust oil, antirust powder, composite material, vacuum packaging material, metal surface chemicals, stainless steel pad paper, etc..

The enterprise has a provincial enterprise technology center research and application of anticorrosion and protection of surface engineering in the gas phase corrosion inhibition technology research based on 2006, 2007, 2010, has been identified as the "Ministry of Commerce export packaging technology service center rust protection center", "post doctoral research station, Chinese Packaging Industry Productivity Center rust proof packaging R & D base".

The existing technology center R & D personnel 35 people, including senior engineer more than 7 people, 28 engineers, personnel distribution of corrosion and protection, engineering plastics, pulp and paper, information engineering and other professional, equipped with various types of professional testing equipment and testing equipment more than 100 Taiwan (sets), to provide a strong guarantee for the development of enterprise products.

Shenyang - since the plant adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation as the" business philosophy, commitment to the national Torch Program projects, SME Innovation Fund Project of national, provincial and municipal projects, 67 national patents, organization and participation in the formulation of national standards 9 and 2 military standard, a number of scientific and technological achievements fill the blank of the country, the products are widely used in iron and steel, equipment manufacturing, automobile and parts, aerospace, military equipment manufacturing and metal processing field, Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Anshan Iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd, Wuhan iron and steel (Group) company, Shenyang machine tool, Ningbo Haitian Group Limited by Share Ltd Limited by Share Ltd, FAW Volkswagen, BMW, Dongfeng Motor Company, Refco Group Ltd, Wafangdian City bearing Henan province ZYNP Limited by Share Ltd, Dongfang Steam Turbine Ltd., HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd., China Second Artillery Forces, and many other customers praised widely. The company has been by Baosteel, Handan, ZYNP and other customers as "a good supplier"; in 2006, Shenyang was Chinese antirust Packaging Federation awarded the "Chinese packaging enterprises", 2007 "anti Shen" brand VCI paper is the industry's only won the award Chinese brand identity. In 2008, the "anti Shen" brand VCI paper won the highest award - the fifth APEC Golden Sail award outstanding technical achievement. In 2008, the "anti Shen + graphics" trademark was named "Liaoning famous brand". In 2009, Shenyang anti rust invention patent "single layer gas phase rust prevention film manufacturing method" won the Eleventh China Patent award. In 2010, by the Chinese packaging Productivity Promotion Center awarded the "packaging research base" title. In May 2011, Shen Bao brand gas phase anti rust paper was recognized as China's well known trademark by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. In 2012, won the "key high-tech enterprise of national torch plan certificate. : Shenyang as Chinese rust rust proof packaging industry leader, the world's leading technical level of equipment, with VCI paper production line 8, stainless steel pad of paper production line 4, VCI plastic film production line 4, anti rust oil reactor 10 sets, all kinds of rust products the annual production capacity of 40 thousand tons, accounting for about 20% of the total capacity of the domestic industry. Advanced equipment not only for product quality, production efficiency guarantee, but also for the company's technical development provides a good technical platform. Shenyang antirust has six products won the national key new product award, won the provincial and ministerial awards more than 40, leading products to the international advanced level. The management team of the company has the consciousness of environmental protection, and actively advocates the research and development of safety and environmental protection, recyclable resource utilization of anti rust packaging materials.

With outstanding contributions on the packaging field and great influence in the industry, Shenyang won the Asian rust proof packaging Federation member unit, China Packaging Federation member unit, member of National Association of corrosion engineers and China Surface Engineering Association vice chairman of Specialized Committee, China antirust unit Institute of corrosion and protection of corrosion inhibitor Specialized Committee with unit of title. Mr. Liu Hongwen, chairman of the board of directors and a number of technical leaders in the industry association, the Institute as a position.

The rapid development of rust prevention in Shenyang also benefited from the advanced management means. The company took the lead in the same industry through the ISO9001 quality assurance system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. In September 17, 2009, the quality management system of Shenyang anti rust military products passed the comprehensive evaluation and audit of China's new era Certification Center, and got the certificate of GB/T19001-2000 quality management system certification. Management team began to implement A management mode in enterprises in 1998, and established a complete set of modern enterprise management system. 2005 began to run JIT lean 6S production management, energy saving, clean production, waste discharge standards, won the "Liaoning province enterprise management achievements first prize"". The company also realizes the information management by means of ERP, optical fiber LAN, OA, video conference system and so on. It is appraised by Liaoning quality and Technical Supervision Bureau as "advanced unit of quality management in Liaoning province"".

At present, the company's products and services throughout the United States, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other twenty countries and regions the world's largest steel company, Arcelor& Mittal Chinasteel, PT Essarsteel, Megasteel, the world's leading copper and copper alloy group of German Wieland Metal company, Europe's fourth largest steel company Bamesa and other world famous enterprises the products of our company are rust proof packaging, Shenyang has become synonymous with high quality China rust rust products in the international peer and customer groups.

Shenyang rust has become the comprehensive strength ranked first and the most influential brand China rustproof packaging industry, determined to become the world's most competitive international famous enterprises in the field of metal packaging.