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Create value for customers and save resources for the society.

Brand culture

Innovative ideas, constantly adjust the structure to cluster development to market orientation

Interpretation of logo design

This mark consists of two parts, the upward arc, and the English abbreviation CVCI of "China or Shenyang rust prevention". A smooth flow. The arc on the top is concise. Sprightly. Its meaning is "Chinese" "one", Shenyang rust prevention people should be the first in the same industry and the leading position in its domestic market. It means providing the most secure protection products for clients. The mountain peaks, deep meaning indicates that Shenyang rust leading position in the same industry. The bridge of communication, to provide professional services to customers carefully. Marked with green and blue symbol of environmental protection and technology. Green on behalf of our product is environmentally friendly and healthy products. Green life first bud color, simple and contains abundant business. Blue, symbolizing the color of science and technology, is also a blue sky, indicating the broad development space of Shenyang rust prevention. The logo design is simple and dynamic atmosphere form with a strong international style. With profound implication, it highlights the steady and forward working attitude of Shenyang rust prevention people and the good enterprise vision of setting up international brand image.