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Shenyang rust prevention service at ease, always everywhere.

Business consulting

Innovative ideas, constantly adjust the structure to cluster development to market orientation

Standard process of antirust overall solution

Not only the output of products, technology and services to help customers build a rust proof system output.

The advantages of antirust overall solution

Total solution General product sales
reliability Rust prevention consulting + product + back guarantee (systematic product compatibility is good, once the scheme is achieved, the corrosion rate is greatly reduced) Single product output, upstream and downstream products are not compatible guarantee, it is difficult to achieve the desired results
Customer synergy The whole process of management as long as a supplier can N home
Accident treatment Clear responsibility, no mutual prevarication wrangling Mutual prevarication wrangling
Customer drop 1. through a combination of marketing methods, must have a cost advantage than existing products.
2. cost thrift
3. the overall solution, reduce the corrosion rate, scrap, rework costs
Price is difficult to control, a large number of rust rework
target By understanding the situation, set measurable goals.
The 1. key KPI control, reducing the risk of.
2. project form a closed loop, output effect amount, second years put forward further quantifiable target, form closed loop
Unable to determine the responsibility, to take the initiative to improve