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Brief introduction of moisture proof packaging standard

Release time:2017-07-22 | Publisher:admin | Browse times:6596

GB/T 5048-1999 moisture proof packaging, replacing GB/T 5048-1985 at the same time;
The standard specifies the grade, requirement, packing method, test method and sign of the packing;
This standard applies to mechanical, electronic and other industrial products, other products can also refer to use.
The packaging of moisture should be graded according to general performance factors such as the nature of the product, circulation environment, storage time and packing container to determine the moisture proof package is divided into 1 grades, grade 2, 3 packaging packaging packaging, see table 1.

Moistureproof packaging method
First, the metal or nonmetal containers with zero or near zero humidity are used to seal the product after packing
A) packing without desiccant: vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, etc.;
B) desiccant packing: silica gel and montmorillonite are commonly used in desiccant.
Two, using low permeable steam flexible material, the product will be packed with thousands of agents, and sealed seal:
A) single flexible film plus dry bath packaging;
B) composite film with desiccant packaging;
C) multi layer packaging, using different low permeable steam materials for packaging.

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